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DELTA Engineering Group, (DEG) are design and project delivery professionals who work with our clients as integral team members. We fulfill their design and construction needs with creative solutions. Our clients are knowledgeable and experienced, and they share our values. Most importantly, we practice our professions with integrity, a commitment to quality, and uncompromising ethics. DEG is dedicated to providing high quality engineering services on time and on budget in such a manner as to challenge our employees and provide a fair return for the firm.
Our goal is to manage and grow our business around what we call our three Areas of Responsibility. As a progressive company, we feel that it is essential to our success that we balance and nurture these sometimes conflicting areas of concern. They are: Responsibility to Our Clients:
 Adhere to the fiduciary responsibility and professional service needs of our clients by providing quality and competitively priced services. Responsibility to Our Staff:
 Provide staff members with a positive work environment through education, training, professional development, utilization of state-of-the-art technology, empowerment, and compensation to respond to our clients’ needs and goals of the firm. Responsibility to Our Bottom Line: Provide a reasonable return on investment for stockholders through stable, consistent earnings while maintaining safety and soundness. 
We believe that our three areas of responsibility must be kept in balance; one cannot overshadow another. As we grow and become more profitable, our goal is to give each of these areas equal attention.