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Our Diversity of Experience

DEG is first and foremost a dynamic engineering firm whose principal objective is to offer its clients high-quality consultancy services service, by seeking in particular:

  • To innovate in terms of design and construction systems with the aid of latest technology
  • To adapt its services to its clients' economic, environmental, technological and logistical constraints
  • To integrate within the design the cultural heritage of the project location.

The consulting firm provides comprehensive planning; engineering designs and project management services mainly roads, as well as architectural design for building works and other large-scale public facilities. DEG is registered in Kenyan, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, and South Sudan. DEG is firm capable of supervising the implementation and operation of various civil works and as such the firm is backed by over 33 years of experience.DEG provides services for all phases of Engineering design, Costing, Evaluation and Project Management and implementation, for utility infrastructure, Civil works, Roads, Roadside amenities & utilities, Airports, Sewerage, Water supply, drainage, Street lighting & Socio-physical Infrastructure.The firm can carry out a development project, from the early stages of project identification, feasibility study, preliminary and detailed Engineering design, Project Costing, Evaluation and Implementation. The firm is also experienced in carrying out Private Sector Participation Studies, Technical Audits, and environmental Impact Assessment Studies (&Audits).

DEG is Registered and short listed by the following:

  • Maryland Department of Transportation
  • Washington Department of transportation
  • Federal Highway Authority
  • Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority
  • Howard County States of Maryland
  • Montgomery County States of Maryland
  • Tanzania Roads Authority
  • Ethiopian Roads Authority
  • Ministry of Public Works
  • Ministry of Water
  • Kenya Airports Authority
  • MCA- Tanzania
  • Zanzibar Water Corporation
  • ANE, Mozambique

Delta Engineering is registered with the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) as Lead Firm of Experts in accordance with provisions of EMCA and the EIA/EA guidelines. The firm has achieved broad experience and expertise in environmental and social impact assessment of the diverse engineering field.

Our client ranges are:

  • California Department of Transportation
  • Maryland Department of Transportation
  • North Carolina Department of Transportation
  • DC Water Authority
  • Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority
  • Azerbaijan Roads Authority
  • Ethiopian Roads Authority
  • Ministry of Transport Government of South Sudan (Goss)
  • Office of the President
  • Government Agencies
  • Clark Construction Company
  • USAID Afghanistan
  • Jacob Construction Company
  • Tanzania Airport Authority
  • Housing Finance of Ethiopia
  • Central Bank of Ethiopia
  • Consultant and Contractors
  • Sub consultancies from other consultants
  • Construction Management from contractor