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State Route 125 Design Build

The SR-125 project consists of four segments: the Gap, Connector, Toll Road, and Otay River Bridge. GEG has been involved in all four segments of the project since 1999 either alone (The Gap) or as a team member with others. In addition to performing preliminary studies for the bridges on the Toll Road and Otay River Bridge, DEG completed two Geotechnical Design Reports (GEGs) for the Gap and Connector and five Structure Foundation Reports (SFRs). GEG backed up its recommendations by performing field observations and developing construction-period recommendations for excavations, embankment construction and foundation subgrade preparation. DEG also completed SFRs for special design retaining walls (soil nail, rock nail and MSE walls) for the Gap and Connector projects. As part of the field investigation programs DEG performed hollow stem auger borings, rock coring, air-track borings, test pits, seismic refraction lines, bucket borings with down hole logging, and geologic mapping. GDC has experience with environmental issues regarding drilling, safety and drug testing, permitting, sound barriers, and other drilling and sampling controls. For the SR-125 Toll Road project, DEG performed one boring at each of the bridge sites and prepared Preliminary Foundation Reports (PFRs). DEG also reviewed the preliminary GDR for the Toll Road prepared by Ninyo and Moore. DEG performed geotechnical evaluations for bridge foundation and retaining wall design, rock stability analysis for steep cut slopes, developed recommendations and design criteria for excavation stabilization using rock anchors valuated rock fall potential and coordinated analysis and investigations with designers and Caltrans, and provided field observation and construction support engineering services.